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True North Endeavors Announces a Learning Management System

True North Training user’s gain access to a custom designed Learning Management System to further educational goals.  

Doylestown, PA – February 12, 2015 The Learning Management System (LMS) accessible through True North Training offers educational tracking, reporting, alerts features, and certificates of completion. It has been designed as an educational support for the nonprofit community and current Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ users training needs.

The addition of an LMS benefits every level of an organization. Users can independently monitor their progress, and partake in quizzes and assessments to ensure retention of information. Administrators can assign learning tracks, set dates for track completion, and monitor overall employee progress. Best of all, with our LMS information becomes knowledge, and learning remains flexible and convenient.

The Winter 2015 issue of Training Industry Magazine discusses formatting training content into bite-sized chunks and states, “…repackaged morsels take the learner through a prescribed path from novice to competency in convenient and retainable doses.” Learning Management Systems are quickly becoming the preferred method for training and education across industries.

“The goal of our team at True North was to create a comprehensive Learning Management System. It was a natural next step in the process, given our teams’ in-depth knowledge of MIP. With True North, users have everything they need to increase their professional proficiency on their own time, and focus on information relevant to their daily occupational goals. Nonprofit accounting professionals could spend less time drudging through the books, and more time on the missions that matter,” said Paul Waters, COO of True North Endeavor be able to have a tool that is very user friendly, that will supplement and be layers of additional resources and information on top of the hands on training we receive – this is a definitely a brilliant use of technology and I’m very excited to have access to it."
Allison Spinelli,
Cumberland County Office of Employment and Training