Causes of the Shift in the Way Training is Done!

Causes of the Shift in the Way Training is Done!

elearning 3Long gone are the days of sitting through 8 hour classroom style lectures or training classes. Now everything is available online at your own convenience right from your own home. There are many changes in the workplace that have caused this shift in the way training/learning is being done.

One of the biggest causes is the education gap across all the generations in the workplace now. There are four generations currently in the workplace and all of them learn differently by the resources that were provided to them. The baby boomer generation tends to go towards the traditional ways of learning, while the millennials sway towards technology with the assumption that learning is more convenient. All of the generations in the workplace have one big thing in common, though, – they are all strapped for resources, and time and need training to be available at their fingertips. This shows that online and self-paced video training is a must in the diverse workplace nowadays. Allowing people to learn at their own pace and on their own time is the only way to appeal to all the different learning styles across all the generations.

The need for cost effective training is another cause for the shift of training going to online. Online video training will increase because people need cost effective ways to get training. Traveling to seminars and conferences is not feasible for many because of the high travel rates and days taken away from work.

The increased focus on productivity in the workplace also has helped cause the shift of how training is done. Micro-learning has become very important and necessary for many people. Micro-learning deals with small learning units and short-term learning activities. With generations entering the work force that know where to find resources quickly this is going to become extremely popular and a must in the future for learning/training to be successful.

The increased need of collaborative learning also helped influenced the shift towards online video training. With the ever growing amount of social media networks available to get answers to your questions and interact with others about topics, collaborative learning is key to online training in the future.

Overall there are four main causes that has shifted the way of learning more towards online, the generational gap in the workplace, the need for cost effective training, increased focus on productivity, and the increase of collaborative learning.

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Leave a Reply be able to have a tool that is very user friendly, that will supplement and be layers of additional resources and information on top of the hands on training we receive – this is a definitely a brilliant use of technology and I’m very excited to have access to it."
Allison Spinelli,
Cumberland County Office of Employment and Training