Are videos only viewable online?

Yes. This is because we are constantly updating the series based upon changes within Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting™ and strive to give our subscribers the most up-to-date content. Videos cannot be downloaded or shared. You must be a logged in, registered user in order to view the training videos, take quizzes, view your progress, and use the Learning Management System.

How are the videos organized?

Our videos are structured by organizational role and by Course Catalogue. As an organizational admin, you may also create your own unique custom playlists.

Is it easy to navigate the videos?

Each video is segmented into intuitive and easy to understand sections. We do not want to overwhelm our learners, and have designed our system with the user in mind.

Can you pause the video to look up definitions, etc?

Yes. You can pause any video whenever you would like to look up information, process what you’ve just learned, or move on to another topic.

Do I have unlimited access to the video training series?

Yes. You can watch the videos whenever you want and as many times as you would like over the course of your subscription.

After I subscribe do I have immediate access?

Yes. After subscribing you will have immediate access to every video, quiz, the Learning Management System, and every accompanying PDF print guide.

How many videos are available?

We currently have over 40 individual videos with more than 3.5 hours of content and our library is always growing. If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover, please contact us to let us know. Click here to see a full list of current videos.

Will I have access to the site 24/7?

Yes. Our web hosts have a 99.9% uptime. You can access our training from any PC, Mac, tablet, or other mobile device.

How many people can access training?

Our day pass is designed for a single user. Our monthly and annual subscriptions start with five users. Additional users can be added or subtracted at any time.

Can I purchase individual videos?

The subscription give you access to the entire series. Should you want individual videos or custom videos for your organization please contact us to discuss this further.

Will a hard copy printed manual be available?

Yes. Downloadable and printable PDF print guides are available for every video. They are included with every subscription. You will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview.

Will the videos be updated when new versions of Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting™ are released?

Yes. We will be continuously updating our videos and releasing new content in conjunction with new versions of Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting™ that impact the current video catalogue.

Is each video elocuted by the same presenter?

Yes. Our narrator is a nationally recognized voice and is consistent throughout the training videos.

Will this eliminate the need for my Maintenance & Support through Abila™?

No. You will still need to maintain your Maintenance & Support, but we expect that you will be calling less as many of your questions will be answered through our video training.

Who are the videos designed for?

The TrueNorth Training series for Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting™ is designed for new users to supplement training, new employees at organizations where the system is already implemented, and experienced users that wish to extend or refresh their knowledge.

Do the videos include best practices?

Yes. Each video has recommendations for how to setup or maximize your investment while establishing standards for your organization.

Is TrueNorth Training meant to replace on-site consulting?

No. On-site consulting has a lot of value. Meeting with your consultant to get training and insight into process improvement and implementation is very important. TrueNorth Training is designed to enhance your overall experience with Abila MIP Fund Accounting.

...to be able to have a tool that is very user friendly, that will supplement and be layers of additional resources and information on top of the hands on training we receive – this is a definitely a brilliant use of technology and I’m very excited to have access to it."
Allison Spinelli,
Cumberland County Office of Employment and Training